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Annual General Meeting 2024

Official Notice of the AGM is below - Please take a moment to read






Committee Posts

The Committee currently has seven vacancies and at the AGM we will look to elect the following:

Position                       Period of tenure

Chairman                     3 years

Secretary                     1 year

3 Committee posts     3 years

2 Committee posts     1 year

The Club rules require that one officer and three committee members stand down after serving a maximum of three years on the Committee (they can stand for re-election). This is intended to provide a continuity of experience within the Committee and to give Club members the opportunity to put themselves forward as potential committee members. The Club Chairman Mr Peter Sparkes has indicated that he will stand for re-election.

Nominations for the posts of Chairman, Secretary and Committee persons to be presented at the AGM should be in the possession of the Club Chairman, duly proposed and seconded by 8.00 pm on Monday 13th March 2023.

All nominees must be in attendance at the AGM to be elected. Members who may be considering standing for the Committee are asked to be sure that they have sufficient time to attend Committee meetings and can also help on various sub-committees, eg, entertainment and maintenance. This will mean giving up your personal time some weekends.

Applicants for the posts of Chairman and Secretary must have been a member of the Club for the five year period prior to the election and for some time during those five years must have held an elected position on the Committee, (as per Rule 8a).

Members are reminded that where they are nominating members for Chairman, Secretary and Committee positions they must be present at the AGM and will be required to explain to the meeting why they are nominating the individual and the advantages the individual will bring to the Committee, (in accordance with Rule 11e). Nomination forms will be available shortly from behind the bar.

Notices of Rule Changes & Notices of Motions

All proposed and seconded Notices of Rule Changes and Notices of Motions to be presented at the AGM should be in the possession of the Chairman by 8.00 pm on Monday 13th  March  2023. These will be posted on the notice board prior to the AGM to give everyone a chance to digest them.

Voting on Rule Changes will be by voting slip. To be passed a Rule Change must be carried by a majority of not less than two thirds of the members voting (in accordance with Rule 21a) Voting on Motions will be by a show of hands and carried by a majority.

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